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PORN: Akane still followed by a confused Ranma walks into the dojo to see Soun and Genma training, "SAOTOME SCHOOL ANYTHING-GOES MARTIAL ARTS FINAL ATTACK, TEETH OF THE FEARLESS SPIT-GIRL" Genma shouted as he lunged toward Soun with out stretched arms and fingers hitting Soun over and over very fast, "AHEM" Akane intoned catching their attention, "Ah Akane" Soun said greeting his daughter, "Ranma my boy" Genma in similar fashion greeting Ranma, "Kasumi said you wanted to talk to me"

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. "Hear that boy?" Genma said stopping his latest punch just before it hit Ranma in the face, "Ya pop sounds like we been training all night" Ranma replied ignoreing the fist in front of him and making his way to the kitchen, "So Kasumi, what's for breakfast?" Soun had asked his oldest daughter, "Well father today I have prepaired a pot of rice and pickels to go with some of the left over girl-bacon and sausages from when we roasted Nabiki last week" Kasumi answered. "Whadyou mean when you said, "not the way you think" Tits. . Flexing my hard construction work muscles, my biceps bulging, I felt kind of proud


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Slevie tries semi painful anal