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"See you next week pet. My eyes bulged, she slapped my dick and she jammed half her cock down my throat . . Glasses. “Ass what!” I demanded. The twins would have seen it all, and would be at a fever pitch of fear and would realise what I could do to them
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I picked up my cattle prod from the press and then moved over to Chris and set his bracelet on a medium pain setting.
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Many times I have driven through the downtown area and Polk area here in Frisco where I will pick up a whore or a hustler, whatever I'm in the mood for. Her stomach ached and churned as I pulled my huge rod out almost to the end,then tore at her skin once more,as I rammed my hot,thick cock back into her tiny anus I cried out,the sound muffled by her flesh,as my cock erupted
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Que delicia de pezon, quiero morderlos
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Came on this so hard @India Summer
Awesome !!!